For Agents Requesting Pilots

Attention Agents

All accounts must be paid in full prior to vessels departure.


Ordering Pilots
Pilots can be reached 24 hours a day by calling: (361) 552-9988
Matagorda Bay Pilots DO NOT take orders for pilot by E-Mail, Text or Fax.
Due to "one way" ocean going traffic on the Matagorda Ship Channel, Pilots arrange vessel traffic to facilitate the quickest manner of movememts. In most cases, movements will be handled on a first come, first served basis.
Pilot dispatching for MBP
Matagorda Bay Pilots do not have dispatchers nor an unlimited pilot list to select from.  Only two pilots are on duty at a time.  The duty pilots communicate with the agents and local port users at least twice a day, keeping abreast with each vessels progress in port.  Pilot are proactive and typically contact agents or facilities once in the monring and once in the afternoon to facilitate necessary rest hours and the quickest manner to move vessels.  Please be courteous with your updates and punctual when ordering pilots to expedite your vessels movements and prevent delays.
Pilots request that all agents with vessels arriving contact the pilots directly, by telephone, with a twenty four (24) hour notice
When contacting the pilots, please include:
  • Vessels Name
  • Length Overall
  • Arrival Draft
  • Departure Draft
  • Estimated time alongside berth.
Pilots require a two (2) hour notice
Pilots require a two (2) hour notice